Author: Alyssa Fobes

Alyssa Fobes This is Alyssa Fobes’ space and she wants to provide a little information about herself. When people work, live, or play in unsafe conditions their lives can be impacted in the blink of an eye. Alyssa works for Polo Custom Products as Fire & Safety Market Manager and she helps OEM's custom design products. As part of her job Alyssa has developed a great passion to help bring custom designed products to market that preserve, protect, and enhance people’s lives in the Fire and Safety marketplace. Every company, product, person, and business situation is different and she understands that products need to be customized. Alyssa applies her years of knowledge in thermoforming, sealing, and sewing processes to accurately and timely produce products for OEM’s and the government / defense industry. Part of Alyssa’s expertise is assisting you with overseas manufacturing needs. However, Alyssa also has ready access to two locations within the United States, as well as Puerto Rico. Want more information contact Alyssa.