Author: Brian Weber

Brian Weber is VP, Product Development & Global Supply Chain. Brian likes to write here because he is passionate about being an educator in all things related to contract industrial sewing, heat sealing, and thermoforming. He particularly specializes in the medical, fire & safety, industrial, and government/defense industries. He has over 20 years experience in contract manufacturing in both domestic and overseas markets. Customers and employees come to Brian for help with product design in custom industrial sewing, RF welding, and thermoforming using flexible, pliable materials such as vinyl, nylon, urethane, aramids, Teflon™, leather and many other fabrics and films. Brian appreciates the importance of ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management systems. He likes to help guide ideas through the design, material selection, and manufacturing stages to the finished product with continued emphasis on quality. But, what makes him happiest is helping his customers and internal teams bring a successful, creative product to market.