Are You Keeping Up With Biocides in Textiles?

Posted by Jennifer Fennell

By Jennifer Fennell, CPM – Sourcing Manager

Many products are treated with biocides to protect products or the function of certain products. Biocides inhibit the growth of fungi, bacteria, viruses, algae or fight and deter insects. The uses for biocides include preventing the development of odor causing bacteria in textiles, deterring moths in wool carpets, antibacterial coating for plastics products used in bathrooms and kitchens.

At Polo Custom Products, we understand the implications of using biocides in textiles. Below is some information about the function of biocides as well as certain concerns to be aware of regarding their use.

The Function of Biocides

When biocides are added to products, in general, this is viewed as a significant enhancement to these products, providing positive benefits related to hygiene and preventing health concerns. Because of this enhancement, the products may be sold at higher cost than those not treated with biocides.

Biocides belong to a group of substances that include products designed to combat pests, but as pharmaceuticals or for plant protection.

Although biocides perform a function, they are not entirely harmless. They are designed to eliminate organisms and can have potential side effects to the environment.

Human Concerns

The environmental concerns are not the only issue related to biocides. Biocide treated clothes can pose potential dangers to children who might put those clothes in their mouths and such on the material treated with biocides. In addition, these substances can be transferred to the children from their mothers who have been exposed to biocides in various ways.

The other concern with biocides in textiles pertains to the development of bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics. Bacterial that resist antibiotics is a serious concern around the world and must be considered.

Therefore, when considering the use or purchase of products treated with biocides, it’s important to know what these biocides actually do and any risks involved.At Polo Custom Products, we offer a range of services, including sewing, sealing and forming. As well, we serve the Medical, Industrial, Fire & Safety and Government & Defense industries. Contact us for more information about our services or biocides in textiles. Polo Custom Products experts will work together with you to determine if biocide treated textiles are available and are right for your product. Contact us now at 888-827-2476.