Frequently Asked Questions

What items does Polo carry in stock?

None. Polo is a custom manufacturer and does not carry any items in stock. All items produced by Polo are specific to the needs of each individual customer and cannot be bought "off-the-shelf."

What kind of material can I purchase from Polo?

None. Polo is not a raw material supplier.

Does Polo have sterilization services?

Polo is happy to coordinate the sterilization process if your product requires it.

Does Polo have molding capabilities?

Yes. We have the ability to manufacture EVA molded cases. Often we incorporate injection molded, blow molded or other machined parts in the design of the many products we manufacture.

Will Polo help market my product?

No. While we have extensive resources available to us to manufacture a wide variety of products, we do not get involved in the marketing of our customers' products. We stick to and expand our expertise in custom manufacturing.

Minimum Order Quantity

Our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is 500 units. We design, source, and manufacture, high volume production runs for OEMs and the government and defense industries. One exception to the MOQ is the creation of a prototype with future plans to order 500+ units. Contact us NOW with your inquiry.