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Chemical Protective Patient Wrap

Polo has manufactured two different chemical protective patient wraps for the United States Department of Defense. For over six years, Polo worked with USAMMDA to design the generation II Patient Wrap product shown here. In a chemical warfare environment, this product is used to protect uncontaminated or decontaminated litter patients from chemical agent exposure during movement through a contaminated area.

Case Study

Polo provides the Chemical Protective Patient Wrap to USAMMDA in a complete kit that contains all components needed for the Patient Wrap to function as intended. Kit components include:

  • 12 vacuum sealed Patient Wraps
  • 12 C420 PAPR units
  • 48 M96 filters
  • 24 Protective dust caps
  • 24 NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • 12 LiMNO2 pre-charged batteries
  • 6 Single position chargers
  • 12 Nonmetallic hoses
  • 1 LWMB M48 MAS Tester
  • 1 170 Airflow indicator

The Patient Wrap requires both sewing and heat sealing operations and Polo performs both at our Monticello, IA facility. Polo sources all Patient Wrap materials and non-core components for the kit from our qualified vendor partners. All components are brought into our facility, assembled into individual kits and shipped to USAMMDA for use and storage. The Patient Wrap has a shelf life of ten years.

The Patient Wrap uses lightweight materials including a carbon impregnated permeable top sheet and impermeable bottom sheet which are unaffected by all bodily fluids. A person can remain within the Patient Wrap for up to six hours. A PAPR device is incorporated with the design to provide positive pressure inside the wrap and eliminate the buildup of carbon dioxide. The Patient Wrap is disposable and intended for single use only. Other features of the Patient Wrap include:

  • Zippered closure to access the patient and allow patient extraction from inside or outside the Wrap
  • Transparent window for observation and communication with the patient
  • A quick deployable face shield is included to keep the Wrap’s top cover and window off the patients face
  • Integrated cardholder for Patient Evacuation Tag (DD Form 1380) or Field Medical Card (DD Form 602)
  • Two ports to provide a protective entry way for intravenous and respiratory tubing
  • Sleeves attached along each side with hand holes for litter poles or to serve as a field expedient litter without any additional components.