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Gas Mask Pouch

This carrying pouch is worn by military personnel and fire fighters to store a general service respiratory protection mask and mask accessories. This product is another example of a life preserving product that Polo manufactures for an OEM operating in the personal protective equipment market. The pouch attaches to a SCBA assembly and holds an emergency air line which attaches to another SCBA. This pouch incorporates MOLLE attachment to provide multiple mounting and versatile storage options.

Case Study

Polo’s Product Development department worked together with our customer’s engineers to simplify the design of an existing gas mask pouch to reduce cost. Our customer’s expectation was to use the same materials, but find cost saving options in the manufacturing process. To reduce cost, Polo created a more simplified design for the pouch by combining interior pockets and reducing the number of straps. In our Louisville, MS plant, Manufacturing automated the material cutting and sewing operations.

All materials for the pouch meet a specific mil-spec standard. The outer material is Foliage Green, 1000 denier nylon. The webbing is also Foliage Green. Inner pockets have a PE sheet encapsulate and the case has a zipper closure. Interior elastic pockets and straps provide an organized space for the placement of mask accessories.