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Inflatable Air Bladders Serve a Range of Applications

Inflatable air bladders have a huge number of useful applications. At Polo Custom Products, we have the capabilities to completely design and manufacture your product to match your specifications. Your company’s requirements may be for rugged, durable materials suitable for high-pressure and outdoor environments. Or, you may require a soft, moisture-wicking, anti-microbial material suitable for contact with a healthcare patient’s skin. Whatever the application, Polo Custom Products can manufacture your inflatable air bladders on a small or large scale.

Applications for Inflatable Air Bladders

Inflatable air bladders can be custom manufactured for high-pressure air lifting operations, providing comfortable seating, buoyancy devices, or compression sleeves, cuffs and boots used in medical and/or sports therapy applications.

Our Competitive Advantage

What separates Polo from the competition is that we offer your company a TOTALsource partnership. From concept and design to end product delivery, we have the depth of knowledge and breadth of resources to make ideas a reality. We source raw material and assembly components from around the world. We can also manage, assemble, package, and store your product at our factories in the U.S. or in Asia. We specialize in custom industrial sewing, sealing, and forming. Inflatable Air Bladders typically use one of our sealing processes, mostly done in our 75,000 square foot facility in Iowa, such as Radio-Frequency Sealing (Dielectric Sealing), Ultrasonic Sealing, Thermal Sealing and Impulse Sealing. This wide range of sealing capabilities in-house also means that we can seal products using a greater range of raw material combinations to get just the right one for your application.

Our Markets

Polo Custom Products’ broad range of experience proves valuable to leading OEMs in the government and defense, medical, fire and safety, and industrial markets. Everything we make is custom-designed for each OEM’s specific needs and we’ve been doing helping our customers protect, preserve, and enhance life for nearly 70 years! If your company is looking for a reliable long-term partnership, innovative engineering solutions, and ability to incorporate multiple manufacturing processes or unique materials, then you’ve found your TOTAL source. Call us today at 888-827-2476 to speak with a representative.