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Niche Provider of High-Quality Specialty Cases

We are proud to produce superior cases for military branches, governmental departments, health care providers, fire and safety organizations, and a wide range of industrial applications. If you have a particular need for specialty cases, we have the capability to produce a product that can do exactly what you need it to.

Specialty Cases for a Wide Range of Uses

From test tubes to isotopes, AEDs, appliances, voltage meters, tools, bar coders, and GPS, there are many different items that require a custom-designed case for safe transport. We work with each customer individually, designing a case that is suitable for their precise needs. Whether the contents need to be protected from moisture, falls, vibration, radiation, sunlight, heat, chemicals or anything else, we can design something that will exceed expectations.

Superior Process Capabilities

Our company is ideally placed to create specialty cases for your business. Benefiting from a global supply chain, an innovative product development and engineering center, and stringent quality-control processes at every stage of our production process, we have the capability to complete every project to an exceptionally high standard. We can undertake film & fabric welding, forming, and custom sewing: the perfect skill set for a wide range of specialty cases.

Cost-Effective Specialty Cases

We know that cost is important for our customers, which is why we take it into consideration at every stage of our work, We make sure that the finished product we provide is competitively priced, without ever compromising on quality. To find out more about our capabilities, or to discuss your project with us, call us at (888) 827-2476.