Fire Resistant Materials – Make People Safer

Posted by Alyssa Fobes

By Alyssa Fobes – Fire & Safety Market Manager

Fire resistant materials play an important role in keeping people safe. Flame-resistant properties are built into their chemical structure, making them ideal for a number of applications. Fire resistant materials, such as fabrics, foams, or plastic films can often resist extreme temperatures and flame, without melting, dripping, smoldering, or igniting. At Polo Custom Products, we use fire resistant materials to manufacture products that meet high standards for fire safety in a number of industries.


According to the Office of Aviation Research, studies conducted in the late 1990’s revealed that 40% of passengers who survived the impact of an airline crash died in a post-crash fire. Now, due to industry regulations, fire resistant materials help slow the spread of fires and smoke, enabling more lives to be saved even in fiery crashes. Polo Custom Products manufactures products for the aviation industry, which include passenger oxygen bags, emergency escape hoods, andpouches or holsters for personal protective equipment.

Fire Rescue and Emergency Management

Naturally, firefighters need fire resistant materials in their work. Materials such as Kevlar®, Spectra®, Nomex®, TeflonTM, and many urethane foams or films with fire resistant material additives are commonly used to manufacture everything from apparel to breathing apparatus components for the fire rescue and emergency management market. Polo Custom Products proudly uses fire resistant materials to design and manufacture important products like head harnesses, shoulder and lumbar pad assemblies, escape hoods, and strap or bag assemblies for the leading OEM’s in this industry. Those OEMs are obligated to meet stringent standards from industry organizations like National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH).

Custom Equipment Cases for Utilities

Employees working in the electrical utility industry often need fire resistant materials in not only their apparel, safety boots, and work gloves, but also in the equipment they use in their work. Polo Custom Products has the pleasure of being the TOTAL source for many original equipment manufacturers serving this industry. Polo Custom Products manufactures components integral to their products, such as harness assemblies for fall protection, holsters and cases for voltage meters and gas leak detection. We frequently design and manufacture custom sewn bags and custom equipment cases for highly unique applications. Specifications for protection, performance and testing requirements are often the basis from which we begin our design work in globally sourcing fire resistant materials for product components.

Polo Custom Products’ is pleased to work throughout our supply chain to provide the world’s leading industry OEMs with fire resistant materials in the manufactured components that help protect, preserve and enhance human life.