Contract Industrial Sewing Contractors Meet Your Product Needs For Specialty Materials

Posted by Jennifer Fennell

By Jennifer Fennell, CPM – Sourcing Manager

Many people sew their own clothes, or even make their own sewn products at home. But, manufacturing a custom product for an OEM in the medical, fire & safety, industrial, or defense industries requires an industrial sewing contractor. Industrial Sewing Contractor, Polo Custom Products, has partnered with OEMs to manufacture custom sewn products for almost 70 years. There are many aspects to the industrial sewing process, but three important ones are choosing the correct specialty material, customizing the product, and fulfilling requirements for safety.

Specialty Materials

Industrial sewing contractors provide customized product for OEMs, so each product is completely different and requires a special material. Industrial sewing contractors have the experience and sources to meet specialty materials specifications. There are many materials to choose from and following the spec or recommending the correct product is critical to preserve, protect, and enhance lives. Since each OEM requires product is c materials constructed will be utilized, implemented, and relied on for the professionals within an industry or company, it is critical to find a supplier who can individualize a product to any unique specifications.

For example, at Polo Custom Products, we have gathered information and acquired relationships across the globe. This expansive network of knowledgeable associates guarantees that your company can locate the exact materials to assemble a product. Furthermore, using these available resources provide options to include specially formulated materials such as water, chemical, UV, puncture, and cold crack resistant components.

Individualized Products

In addition to individualizing your product, working with industrial sewing contractors gives a company access to design, engineering, and product development options. At Polo Custom Products, we supply sewn materials to professionals in the medical, fire and safety, government, and defense markets. Within these industries, the professionals require gear and uniforms that benefit and assist in the daily functions of a job. Additionally, the professionals who work in these industries have a unique insight on what is advantageous while performing various tasks, so the available options and alterations create a more efficient operation.

Prioritized Safety

Finally, the safety and security of professionals is always a top priority. Since these materials are expected to protect professionals during assignments that are the most challenging or dangerous in their job, it is extraordinarily necessary to guarantee sewn materials that will excel in these situations.

It is not enough to provide materials that can withstand certain hazardous environments and challenges. For this reason, industrial sewing contractors work to customize and enhance each element of sewn materials, which helps to increase the benefits, utility, and practicality of every product. Some of the enhancements include non-core components, which can be located for a particular installation if it would increase overall effectiveness.