Go With a Total Source Solution

Posted by Daniel Carlson

By Daniel Carlson – Industrial Market Manager

When you need industrial products, it is important these be made according to your company’s exact standards. You could choose a basic contract sewing company to make the items, but, as you know, there is far more that goes into a custom industrial product than the final sewing of the fabric.

A total source solution vendor, such as Polo Custom Products, offers an option that allows you to go about doing what you are best at, leaving your contract sewing company to complete the entire process for you, including engineering, design, and sourcing.

We are among the top contract sewing companies because we take care of the entire process. This includes designing the product to your standards, sourcing the materials, up through producing the final product. We will keep you advised in every step of the process, and give you design approval while doing all the legwork for you. This gives you the value of a custom product without all the work.

Keep in mind that not every sewing contractor can provide a total solution. Some companies lack the expertise to design the product you need. This means it is important that you choose your vendor carefully.

A total source vendor can be a perfect partner for your business if you regularly require industrial fabric products and supplies. Once you have given the vendor your specifications, they can take care of the rest. This ensures the product is made to the right safety and durability standards, as well as matching your company’s colors and logos. This kind of partnership is just what you need to let you continue to do what you’re best at, and leave the industrial sewing to the experts, without sacrificing the quality of the end product.