Panama Canal Advantage

Posted by Danielle Goodrich

The Panama Canal has recently undergone a 9-year, $5.4 billion expansion. A third set of locks are being constructed which will double the Canal’s capacity. New locks were open on in June 2016 and Polo Custom Products does intend to utilize this transit route. To begin with, Polo Custom Products plans to route a few containers through the Panama Canal to ensure a seamless  new route. If our experience with transit times are satisfactory, we plan to begin routing the majority of our full containers through the Panama Canal to Mobile, AL where the shipments will then be trucked to our import warehouse in Louisville, MS. By utilizing this transit method for our import sewn and thermoformed products, we will decrease the risk of possible delays and unanticipated issues associated with cross-country railway transit from California.  West coast port transit will continue to be a second option throughout the year. This route can be utilized during peak shipping seasons when longer lead-times occur.

Below is a link to a virtual tour of a vessel’s transit through the canal expansion.