Radio Frequency Welding Ensures the Finest, Safest Medical Equipment

Posted by Anna Bolan

By Anna Bolan – Medical Market Manager

In medicine it is essential to keep up with new technology and knowledge of how to relieve illnesses, and other conditions. This is true not only for practitioners, but also the medical-equipment manufacturers who provide the field with the tools essential to treating patients. Manufacturers need to ensure everything they produce is of the finest quality, and made according to the latest standards. A good medical-equipment manufacturer should utilize a cutting-edge technology called radio frequency welding.

How Does Radio Frequency Welding Work?

Radio frequency welding is a method to permanently bond thermoplastics. During the process of radio frequency welding, extreme pressure is placed on the thermoplastic material, and electromagnetic energy is applied in such a way that it mixes up the very molecules of the materials being bonded. Once the bond is complete, it will be an extremely strong seal that in some cases, may be even stronger than the original materials. Because of the way this process works, only materials that have a polar molecular construction can be sealed using this method.

Using Radio Frequency Welding To Manufacture Your Products

Because of the extreme strength of the bond that radio frequency welding creates, it is the ideal method for manufacturing medical equipment. These include all types of fluid collection bags. When you need a product that requires radio frequency welding as part of its production, you should expect the manufacturers to extensively test your product to ensure it holds up to your standards. At Polo Custom Products, we do just that. We can also customize for specific applications, making a radio frequency welded product that is antibacterial, resistant to puncturing, ideal for holding chemicals, and more. In addition, we offer a total-source solution: We handle everything in between your placing the order to when you receive the finished product!