Technologies to Improve Your Products

Posted by Daniel Carlson

By Daniel Carlson – Industrial Market Manager

As a business manager or owner, you are always looking for ways to improve the products you provide. There are many ways to do this, including making products more durable and safer for users.

Staying ahead of the technology curve can help you ensure your products remain on the cutting-edge of your industry. If you are not able to keep pace with technology, your products will eventually lose their market value. Here are some technologies to help your products stay relevant.

  1. RF Welding – RF welding is not a new technology, but it is becoming more widely used. It has traditionally been used in medical products, like fluid collection bags, and other products that require a strong seal. RF welding is being used in many plastic products because it creates a more durable weld. It can also decrease the cost of your product because it can be faster than traditional heat sealing, allowing the ability to produce products more quickly.
  2. Thermoforming – Thermoforming is a great technology for adding an extra layer of protection to your products. Many manufacturers use this technology to create cases for sensitive instrumentation, but it has many other potential applications. Thermoforming can be used to design protective cases for any product requiring protection from environmental factors like dust, sun, and moisture, or when you need a product durable enough to withstand impact stress.

Talk with your contract sewing company about the technologies they support. Adding a bit of extra strength or protection to your products might be just the edge you need to stay competitive in your industry. We at Polo Custom Products are always standing by to help you produce the products you need with the best technology in the industry!