Reliable Impulse Sealing Manufacturer

Posted by Brian Weber

By Brian Weber – VP Product Development & Global Supply Chain

For OEMs who work in the military, government and defense, fire and safety, medical and industrial fields, only the finest quality materials and techniques should be used to produce the equipment they need. Much of this equipment requires special machinery and procedures in order to manufacture them properly. One of the most important of these is impulse sealing.

Impulse Sealing Defined

Impulse sealing is a method used to bond thermoplastics together. On an impulse sealing machine, the material that needs to be bonded is put under pressure and anbelectric pulse is used to heat it to melting temperature. It stays under pressure as it cools down, allowing the bond to gain strength. For materials that have a melting temperature of under 700 degrees (I could not find anything to verify the temperature so I assume you have something on it)Fahrenheit, impulse sealing is one of the best ways to achieve an extremely strong, thorough, and long-lasting bond.

Where to Find Impulse Sealing Services

Impulse sealing is a very important process that is used to make high quality equipment for using in the medical, military, and safety products. Products produced using impulse sealing include inflatable air bladders, and fluid collection bags. When you order from Polo Custom Products, we handle every aspect of production, and ship it to you quickly. We are dedicated to distributing only the finest products to our clients, so we guarantee the high quality of our products.