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Polo Custom Products Acquires Foarm Following Function

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Topeka, KS, August 2010. Polo Custom Products announces the acquisition of Foarm Following Function, Inc. in Santa Barbara, California.

Foarm, like Polo Custom Products, specializes in custom thermoforming using fabrics, foam, and flexible or rigid plastic materials. Foarm filed the original patent for the thermoforming process. Their vast experience and knowledge in tooling design and thermoformed product development are advantageous to Polo as well as their domestic manufacturing operations.

As a result of the merger, Polo adds the following competitive advantages for thermoformed products:

  • Advanced product design & development capability
  • In-house tooling design & creation
  • The capability to produce prototypes with quick response time
  • U.S. manufacturing for short or long runs

Adding these advantages to Polo’s already extensive capabilities of in-house design and engineering, primary and secondary manufacturing process expertise, multiple U.S. manufacturing locations, global raw materials sourcing, market intelligence, and Asian manufacturing partnerships, exemplifies Polo’s commitment to be a TOTALSource manufacturer.