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Polo Custom Products Expands in Louisville, MS

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LOUISVILLE, Miss. – (WTVA)  Exciting times at Polo Custom Products in Louisville, Mississippi. The Topeka, Kansas based company is expanding its Winston County factory investing 150-thousand dollars and creating 30 new jobs.  Karla Clem, President and CEO says “We have received news in recent days of even more contracts that we’re winning so we’re excited about.  We’re excited about the jobs it’s going to bring.”

Polo Custom Products shared its excitement with state and local leaders Monday.  The custom manufacturing company makes a lot of products including a new one for our American troops.  Clem says, “A chemical patient wrap for the warfighter used to protect them from chemical agents on the battlefield.”

News of thirty jobs also gives the city of Louisville an economic shot in the arm. The city of 7,000 still has the scars and evidence of the devastating tornado that blew through the city two years ago.  Will Hill, Mayor of Louisville says, “Everyone is starving for economic growth and yet we continue to persevere not only in our recovery effort but Polo Custom Products who’s been here for so long are confident in our workforce and our community. Anytime there is an increase in job count whether it’s one, five, thirty, or 300 they all impact households.”