Dielectric Welding Manufacturers Solve Your Sealing Problems

Posted by Anna Bolan

By Anna Bolan –  Medical Market Manager

Many products require a perfect seal to be effective. Manufacturers often go through a myriad of designs and prototypes to ensure a product is perfect before it can be produced in quantity. If sealing is a problem on some of your products or is simply required in your product, consider using dielectric welding to ensure the seal is perfect every time.

Dielectric welding, often called RF welding, is widely used in products for the medical industry. Products like colostomy bags, and bio-waste disposal bags, are dielectric welded to ensure complete safety for patients and medical personnel. With a good dielectric weld, you can be sure your products are safely sealed.

Not all manufacturing contractors offer dielectric welding, but it is worth it to find one offering this as an option for sealing your products.

Sewing contractors that can perform dielectric welding will likely be able to handle any other industrial sewing needs, as well. These vendors are the ones with the most knowledge, expertise, and capability in the field.

Some dielectric welding and sewing contractors can provide design services. Using their experience and expertise gained from working with other customers, they can design a product to fully meet your needs, including products to hold special equipment, provide protection from heat or cold, and those requiring protection from moisture. The knowledge they have from working with other customers and within the industry is invaluable as they design the perfect product for you, too.

The Polo Custom Products Advantage

All of the above is true for Polo Custom Products! You can stop stressing about the perfect seal, and turn the design and manufacture of your most important products over to our experts. Our dielectric welding experience, in conjunction with our other industrial design and fabrication expertise will ensure your design is produced with the excellent quality you expect! Contact us today: (888) 827-2476.