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Since 1947, Polo Custom Products has been a frontrunner in innovative industrial sewing contractor services, RF welding, film and fabric thermoforming, and supply chain management. We design, engineer, and offer custom sewing services for OEMs in the medical, fire and safety, industrial, and military & defense industries. As a leading custom sewn products manufacturer, we have helped guide OEMs in the development of products that protect, preserve, enhance, and save lives for 75 years. Our promise to offer exceptional quality, superior customer service, and innovative solutions has led to long-lasting partnerships with many industry leaders and government agencies custom sewing services for OEMs.

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Custom Industrial Sewing Services – Foam, Film & Fabric Welding – Foam, Fabric & Film Thermoforming – Product Design and Engineering – Raw Materials Sourcing – Supply Chain and Materials Management – Branding Services – Quality Assurance – International Logistics – Warehousing and Shipping.


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Polo Custom Products partners with OEMs to manufacture their products. Contact us now to discuss your custom product design, engineering, and manufacturing requirements.

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Industries We Serve


Polo Custom Products is an innovative leader in custom industrial sewing services, film and fabric welding, forming and supply chain management, and more. Polo Custom Products works with a wide range of industries including medical, military and government, industrial, and fire and safety. Our expert capabilities and commitment to customer service have made us one of the premier design and manufacturing companies in the nation. Are you using more than one company to manufacture, source, brand, and ship your products? We can help you with all your manufacturing needs from concept and design, all the way through development to production and delivery.

Custom Sewn Products
Our wide variety of sewing services always meet the highest quality standards. Our typical sewn applications include custom carrying cases, medical bags, backpacks, custom sewn bags, pouches, safety harnesses and strap assemblies, and covers for all types of outdoor and recreational equipment. We provide innovative design and custom manufacturing for custom fabric or textured film and molded foam products.

Industrial RF Sealing & Welding Services
Work with us to get the best products manufactured using our film and fabric welding services, including Radio Frequency welding, RF sealing, and dielectric welding. Our experts make us a leader in radio frequency welding technology particularly for safety, medical, industrial, and military products. Some examples of our RF sealed custom products, urine and drainage bags, emergency drop down oxygen bags for aircraft, and various air bladders. From concept to distribution, we handle it all so you can focus on your business’ core competencies.

Let’s Work Together
Since 1947, we have been providing advanced product development, design, and engineering capabilities to our customers. Polo Custom Products can manage the entire supply chain to control and assure the quality of your products to your exact specifications. Polo Custom Products is a valued part of our customer’s teams. When we work together, we share our knowledge and experience with you to provide the best solution.

Contact us today to team up on manufacturing your products using our industrial sewing, RF welding, and thermoforming capabilities. Call us at 888-827-2476.




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