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  • Sewing, Welding & Thermoforming Products for Medical


    Polo understands how Fit and Function are vital to the development of Medical products.

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  • Sewing, Welding & Thermoforming Products for Fire & Safety

    Fire & Safety

    Polo designs and manufactures critical-function products that meet your industry’s stringent quality standards.

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  • Sewing, Welding & Thermoforming Products for Industrial


    Polo re-engineers existing product designs to achieve cost savings for the Industrial market.

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  • Sewing, Welding & Thermoforming Products for Gov. & Defense

    Gov. & Defense

    Polo is 100% committed to responding to meet the needs of our Nation.

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Your TOTAL Source from Concept through Delivery

As a company that provides innovative custom industrial sewing services, film and fabric welding, forming and supply chain management, and more, Polo Custom Products works with a wide range of industries including medical, military and government, aviation ground support, industrial, and fire and safety. Our expert capabilities and commitment to customer service have made us one of the premier design and manufacturing companies of its kind in the nation. Our strength resides in our ability to be Your TOTAL Source from concept and design all the way through development to production and delivery.

Custom Sewn Products

Our wide variety of sewing services always meet the highest quality standards. Our typical sewn applications include custom carrying cases, custom sewn bags, EVA cases, fluid collection bags, inflatable air bladders, pouches, harness and strap assemblies, backpacks and covers. We provide innovative design and custom manufacturing for custom fabric or textured film and molded foam products.

Industrial Sealing & Welding Services

Our film and fabric welding services include Radio Frequency (RF) welding, RF sealing, and dielectric welding. Our capabilities make us a leader in radio frequency welding technology particularly for safety, medical, industrial and military products. From concept to distribution, we handle it all so you can focus on your business’ core competencies.

Why Choose Polo?

Polo Takes Care of the Details

Polo Takes Care of the Details

Polo’s primary focus is to provide you with a TOTAL Source service where we manage all aspects of your product design and manufacturing. Allowing Polo to provide design, engineering and manufacturing solutions for secondary component design, frees your team to develop core products, saving your company valuable technical and financial resources.

Time is Money

Time is Money

Utilizing Polo’s TOTAL Source product development and manufacturing capabilities, allows your product to transition to production quickly and efficiently. A shorter time to market saves NRE and development costs, improves ROI and increases profitability for you and your stakeholders.

Global Resources

Global Resources

Polo is the only custom manufacturer in our industry that has nearly 70 years' experience in domestic manufacturing AND over 35 years' experience in importing from foreign countries.

Nearly 70 Years . . .

Nearly 70 Years . . .

Over thirty-five percent of customers who choose Polo have actively done so for more than 10 years. Staying-power is just one more reason leaders in their fields choose Polo Custom Products.


Creating Long-Term Partnership Since 1947

Since 1947, we have been providing advanced product development, design, and engineering capabilities to our customers. Polo Custom Products has the ability to manage the entire supply chain to control and assure the quality of your products to your exact specifications. Polo becomes a valued partner for our customers, with whom we share our knowledge and experience to provide nothing but the best solution. Polo’s reliability makes our customers’ lives better now and for years to come.

Finding the Perfect Match

If your company needs contract sewing services or RF welding services that involve concept ideation, product development, engineering, raw materials sourcing, manufacturing & supply chain, materials management, quality assurance controls, assembly, packaging and warehousing, or any portion of these solutions, we have your answer. At Polo Custom Products we look for long-term business relationships in becoming your TOTAL Source in all aspects of your sewn, sealed, or formed product needs.

Contact us today to discuss your industrial sewing needs, RF welding services, and beyond. Call us at 888-827-2476.