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Battery Fire Containment Bag


At Polo Custom Products, we offer a battery fire containment bag that is designed to mitigate fires caused by the overheating of mobile electronic devices. Flame resistant materials are vital when developing safety products for fire hazards. Materials such as fabrics, foams, and plastic films are manufactured to protect against dangers from exceptionally high temperatures and fire without igniting, melting, smoldering, or dripping.

Laptop Fire Containment Bag Features
The laptop fire containment bag we manufacture in our Louisville, MS facility is able to suppress fire hazards with temperatures up to 1900°F. It is provided in the standard 26” x 21″ size with custom sizing and design options available. It also has three silica and Kevlar® layers, Kevlar® straps and webbing, Kevlar® thread, and Velcro® closures.
The capabilities of this fireproof bag include:

  • Usability in restricted spaces such as airplanes and vehicles
  • Successfully lowers the temperature of overheated mobile electronic devices and quickly quenches fires
  • Designed to fit mobile devices, including tablets, flight deck tablets, cell phones, and laptops

The laptop fire containment bags we manufacture at Polo Custom Products are designed to prevent puncture, abrasion, fire, burning, UV radiation, melting, and tearing. Its effectiveness negates the need for using a fire extinguisher, which can also eliminate the need to clean up the mess left by an extinguishing agent.

Manufacturing Location:
Shenzhen China

Flame Resistant Device Manufacturing
At Polo Custom Products, we design and manufacture all our products using special materials formulated to provide exceptional results. Whether you need fire equipment bags, fireproof backpack, or fire suppression bags, we have you covered. Our fire suppression bag is available in both commercial and distributor pricing.

For more information about the fire suppression bag we offer a Polo Custom Products and our exceptional custom sewing services, call us today at 888.827.2476 or use our contact form to send us a message.

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