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Cold & Hot Therapy Arm Wrap


The cold and hot therapy arm wrap is a versatile solution for managing various arm-related injuries and discomfort. This innovative wrap offers a dual functionality that allows you to switch between cold and hot therapy, as it allows both cold and hot water to be circulated throughout the device.

Compression Wraps for Arms

For added support and recovery, our compression wraps for arms offer a snug fit that enhances blood flow, reduces inflammation, and accelerates the healing process. These tools provide a comprehensive approach to arm care and rehabilitation, ensuring optimal comfort and relief. The wrap is connected to a thermal electric heat pump device and placed around a patient’s arm.

Manufacturing Location:
Monticello, Iowa

Material Specifications

A RF sealed bladder made of 8 mil medical grade vinyl was incorporated into the design to circulate hot and cold water. The inner wrap fabric material is a biocompatible, non-woven polyester blend and the outer wrap material is hook compatible brushed tricot. This product is wrapped around the arm and secured with hook and loop during therapy treatments.

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