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Oxygen Cylinder Sleeve Bag


Polo Custom Products manufactures an oxygen cylinder sleeve bag for EMS personnel and firefighters. Portable oxygen sleeves for EMS provide a convenient and efficient solution, allowing paramedics to carry and access emergency oxygen quickly, ensuring swift and life-saving interventions for patients in critical situations.

At Polo Custom Products we assist marketing and manufacturing companies with the development of innovative products that provide vital protection and enhance quality of life. Portable oxygen sleeves for EMS are one of those many products.

Manufacturing Location:
Louisville, Mississippi
Features of the Oxygen Cylinder Sleeve Bag

We manufacture custom-designed and engineered portable oxygen bags for emergency personnel, including firefighters. Our portable oxygen bags can be used to transport oxygen cylinders to patients during critical situations. The user can easily carry this bag on the shoulder, on the hip in a larger carrying case, or on a gurney or wheelchair.

Portable Oxygen Bag Materials

We manufacture this portable oxygen bag with exceptional quality components and materials. These include:

  • Black ripstop nylon strengthens the oxygen cylinder carry bag, preventing it from ripping during strenuous or repeated use.
  • Kevlar webbing provides important reinforcement, preventing the back from tearing under stress
  • A bungee cord, including a cord lock, which enables the top of the bag to be swiftly open and shut
  • Kevlar thread stops the seams from tearing

If you are looking for high-quality, portable oxygen sleeves for EMS, look no further than Polo Custom Products. Of course, we can design, engineer, and manufacture a custom bag for your products or manufacture to your specifications. For more information about the oxygen cylinder bags we offer and our custom sewing capabilities, give us a call today at 888.827.2476 or our contact form.

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