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What We Do

Custom Sewing Solutions for OEMs

Polo Custom Products provides custom sewing solutions for OEMs. We’ll put together a team to work with you on the design, engineering, and product development of your OEM contract sewn products. We specialize in work with the medical, fire & safety, industrial, and military/defense markets.


Since 1947 our product development team has worked with nationally known OEMs. With over 100 years combined experience in designing and manufacturing custom sewn products. We are a leader in our industry helping to guide your team in the development of products that help your customers.

Polo Custom Products has over 60,000 square feet in two U.S. locations dedicated to custom sewing operations, as well as several international locations. Contact us now to get started.

We design and manufacture critical function products such as a ventricular assist devices, custom sewn carrying bags and belt pouch assemblies, SCBA shoulder and lumbar support and harness assemblies, sensitive equipment carrying cases, and a chemical protective patient wrap product for the U.S. Department of Defense. We understand the custom sewn products we manufacture for you cannot fail in the field.

Polo Custom Products has an extensive, global resource network to supply you with the right material to ensure your product functions to your exact specifications. We source a wide variety of specialty formulation materials such as Kevlar®, Nomex®, PBI, and other flame resistant blended materials. Other sourced specialty formulation materials include water resistant, chemical resistant, UV resistant, puncture resistant and cold crack resistant films. Raw materials that are RoHS, REACH, Mil-spec and Berry Amendment compliant are used everyday at Polo Custom Products.

We will design, engineer, and manufacture for you saving you time and money. Let us manage all aspects of your sewn component requirements so you and your staff can focus on core business objectives.

OEMs call us today at 888-827-2476 to start your custom sewing project.

What We Do

Custom Sewn Since 1947

In addition to our sewing capabilities, Polo Custom Products has the ability to design and procure non-core components that work in conjunction with a sewn component. Examples include injection molded or blow molded trays and tubs, metal stamped brackets, CNC machined parts, specialty packaging and others.

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