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What We Do

Supply Chain Solutions for OEMs

Polo Custom Products provides supply chain solutions for OEMs, encompassing everything an OEM needs for custom sewn, sealed, and formed products. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures we will always research and implement new processes and expand our manufacturing capabilities to bring even more value to you.

When you work with Polo Custom Products we will save you time, in-house technical resources, and cost compared to sourcing all operations separately. When sourcing separate operations your per unit cost may be slightly lower, but overall program expenses considering your valuable internal resources will end up costing you more over the long term. Our supply chain management services for OEMs are likely to save significant time getting your product to market, resulting in sales earlier in your product life cycle.

Partnering with Polo Custom Products offers you an abundance of time and cost saving benefits. We manage it – so you don’t have to!

  • Full service design, engineering and product development for sewn, sealed and formed products and non-core components
  • Sourcing and supplier management of non-core manufacturing processes such as injection molding, blow molding, rotational molding, vacuum forming, metal stamping, CNC machining, extrusion, casting, welding and others
  • Global raw materials sourcing and procurement from qualified suppliers
  • Dedicated import business department and Asian Business Manager located in Shenzhen, China
  • Multiple, complimentary manufacturing processes
  • FAI, PPAP and APQP procedure coordination
  • In-house testing laboratory
  • USA and international logistics management
  • USA and international warehousing
  • We tailor programs to meet your specific needs

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Consider Polo Custom Products a competitive advantage to your business. Few, if any, of our competitors employ the depth of knowledge, range of experience and breadth of design and manufacturing capabilities that we do.

What We Do

Custom Since 1947

In addition to our sewing capabilities, Polo Custom Products has the ability to design and procure non-core components that work in conjunction with a sewn component. Examples include injection molded or blow molded trays and tubs, metal stamped brackets, CNC machined parts, specialty packaging and others.

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Turn to us, we specialize in custom product manufacturing and can help you source materials as well.