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RF Welding Services

Polo Custom Products specializes in RF welding services for OEMs, also known as High-Frequency welding or Dielectric welding, impulse sealing, ultrasonic sealing, and thermo-contact sealing. We manufacture custom-sealed products such as Medical Class I and Medical Class II drainage and body fluid collection bags, ostomy, nephrostomy, and colostomy bags, laparoscopic surgery specimen collection bags, compression arm wraps and cuffs, passenger oxygen mask assemblies, CBRN safety hood assemblies, and other inflatable air bladders and cushions using vinyl, urethane, EVA and olefin films. Our global supply network also provides you with specialty formulation materials such as class VI medical grade vinyl, DEHP-free vinyl, latex-free vinyl, water resistant, mildew resistant, chemical resistant, UV resistant, puncture resistant, antimicrobial, cold crack resistant, and other specialty films.


RF Welding & Sealing Product Solutions

Our extensive RF welding & sealing product solutions work well with our secondary manufacturing operations, such as valve sealing and tube installation, tube gluing, and hardware attachment. Our in-house design and engineering capabilities allow for the development and procurement of non-core components that work in conjunction with a sealed component. Examples include injection molding, blow molding, metal stamping CNC machining, specialty packaging, and others.

Polo Custom Products is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, HubZone, and ITAR registered. Testing and inspection of sealed products occurs at every step of the manufacturing process to ensure your product functions to your exact requirements. Our in-house testing laboratory offers you another level of quality assurance with pressure decay leak testing, digital tensile strength, and inflation and burst strength testing. We will also work with you to set up other testing equipment and protocols as needed.

Let Polo Custom Products manage all aspects of your RF-sealed product needs. We have the design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities you need to develop a quality, cost-effective sealed product.

Call us today at 888-828-9702 and ask about our impulse sealing, ultrasonic sealing, thermo-contact sealing, and radio frequency sealing/welding services.

What We Do

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In addition to our RF sealing and other heat sealing capabilities, Polo Custom Products has the ability to design and procure non-core components. Examples include injection molded or blow molded trays and tubs, metal stamped brackets, CNC machined parts, specialty packaging and others.

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