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Passenger Oxygen Mask Assembly


A passenger oxygen mask assembly is dropped from the ceiling of an aircraft cabin to supply air to passengers in the event of cabin pressure loss. The purpose of an oxygen mask assembly for airplanes is to preserve the safety and life of passengers if oxygen levels get too low.

Manufacturing Location:
Monticello, Iowa

Oxygen Mask Assembly for Airplanes

A number of our sewn assemblies involve complex processes of development and manufacturing, including our oxygen mask assembly for airplanes. These assemblies are among the highest quality custom OEM products we offer. At Polo Custom Products, we work with OEM market leaders to design and manufacture high-quality medical and industrial-grade products for many industries. We specialize in developing custom products for medical professionals, law enforcement, fire departments, military and government entities, industrial manufacturers, and safety services. We have developed and manufactured many products since 1947, including most prominently our custom-sewn bags.

Passenger Oxygen Mask Assembly Material Specifications

The airline passenger emergency oxygen mask consists of a bag that is RF-sealed and utilizes 5 mil urethane film. An O-ring is sealed into the bottom of the bag for mask-fitting attachment.

At Polo Custom Products, we are your premier source for custom-sewn products, including emergency oxygen mask airplane bags that provide a life-saving function for aircraft passengers. For more information about the emergency oxygen masks we offer, call us today at 888-827-2476 or drop us a message through our contact form.

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