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Chemical Biological Protective Shelter


Our Chemical Biological Protective Shelter provides exceptional protection for the user. Polo Custom Products is your leader in the manufacturing of state-of-the-art products for numerous applications. Our sealing, sewing, and thermoforming capabilities produce high-value, mission-critical products for the military and defense industries. We also lead the way in manufacturing chemical-resistant products, including our chemical protection poncho set.

Chemical Protection Poncho Set

The chemical protection poncho set, and chemical protection combat shelter, are crucial for protecting against chemical and biological contamination. It completely encapsulates patients who are either undergoing decontamination or are currently uncontaminated.

Some of the features of the Chemical Protection Poncho Set include:

  • Attached see-through hood, which provides patient visibility
  • Bottom liner inhibits contamination from the underside
  • Carbon-impregnated material layer that assists in the filtering of chemical agents
  • Material that promotes the exchange of CO2 and oxygen
  • Fits over the top of the patient in the field with ease
  • Respiratory port
  • PAPR system and filter (optional)
  • Inner skirt with elastic waistband of drawstring
  • Zipper w/ fly
  • Fly that is easy to open and extends up to the window
  • Outer layer of camo for the filter fabric
  • Certain materials added to allow freedom of movement
  • Side release buckle
  • Webbing shoulder strap
Manufacturing Location:
Shenzhen China

Chemical Protection Combat Shelter



  • Similar to 1-man Combat Shelter
  • Tent material is Patient Wrap filter fabric on top, ground cloth on bottom
  • ACU Camo with ACU Camo detachable nylon rain fly with DWR coating
  • C420 Blower with C2A1 Filter, hose, and pre-charged battery like used on Chemical Protective Patient Wrap
  • Sets up like any regular cross pole design
  • Can be used by a single Warfighter in combat or a civilian family stranded in a potential hot zone
  • Tent dimensions 96″ (L) x 40.5″ (W) x 32.5″ (H) at its peak
  • Carrying Weight: <10 lbs.
  • Packed Volume Approx. 17″ x 5.5″

*** Patent Pending

Our team at Polo Custom Products is enthusiastic about the development of the Chemical Protective Poncho and Shelter for use by the warfighter. Either product can also be custom designed and engineered for industries where people need protection because they work in and around biological and chemical substances. They are highly effective chemical protection items to prevent contamination , or use it for those who are decontaminated to protect them from further harm.

For more information about the Chemical Protective Poncho System or The Shelter, or custom sewn applications for any chemical or biological protective systems, contact Polo Custom Products today at 888.827.2476 or send us a message through our contact form.

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