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Custom Motorcycle Saddlebags


Custom motorcycle saddlebags mount to either side of a motorcycle for personal item storage. Polo Custom Products can provide you with custom motorcycle saddlebags that fit the specific dimensions you need. If you want to transport a particular item, we can create a bag configuration that will fit it perfectly. We have access to a wide variety of cutting-edge fabrics, the ability to custom-form plastics, and have state-of-the-art materials welding capabilities.

Manufacturing Location:
Monticello, Iowa

Leather Motorcycle Bags

Leather motorcycle bags provide a practical solution for riders to carry essential items while on the road. Our team can create custom products designed to meet your exact specifications. Experts in industrial sewing, film, and fabric welding, our experts will take your product from conceptualization to full production, providing added value at every stage.

Material Specifications

Our custom motorcycle saddlebags require multiple manufacturing operations including sewing, rotational molding, and metal stamping. Polo Custom Products performs all sewing operations, then coordinates all other manufacturing operations with our qualified supply chain. The exterior material is synthetic leather. A rotationally molded tube made of HDPE provides the saddlebag its shape and rigidity. Metal-stamped shock mount frame brackets are affixed to the saddlebag’s interior side and attached to the motorcycle. Saddlebags are often an essential addition to a motorcycle. Polo Custom Products is an experienced supplier of high-volume orders of custom-made saddlebags used in the defense industry, government, and private fleets. Our saddle bags are made to the very highest standards, resulting in products that are consistent in their excellence. Capable of providing custom-made saddle bags in the high volume you need, we are the provider of choice for organizations around the globe.

Motorcycle Saddlebag Mounts

We serve a global market with custom hard saddlebags and a range of other tailor-made items. With enormous capacity, an exceptional level of knowledge, and a thorough understanding of the challenges and expectations our customers possess, we offer high-value, competitively-priced answers to your procurement and supply demands. To place an order or find out more, call us at (888) 827-2476.

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