Polo excels at product development for unique medical products that help protect, preserve and enhance lives. Our ability to globally source and procure specialty formulation materials for medical applications, combined with our product development and manufacturing capabilities assures that your custom medical product performs to your exact requirements.

Isotope Carrying Case

Mfg Process: Sewing & Injection Molding

Application: Transports radioactive isotopes for nuclear pharmacies
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AED Carrying Case

Mfg Process: Fabric & Foam Thermoforming and Injection Molding

Application: Carries a defibrillator for emergency medical personnel
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Appliance Carrying Case

Mfg Process: Fabric & Foam Thermoforming

Application: Carries a portable pump and compression sleeves
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Therapy Arm Wrap

Mfg Process: Sewing & RF Welding

Application: Therapy hot/cold wrap for upper arm
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