Impulse Sealing

Because Polo is a TOTAL Source manufacturer we offer more than one option for sealing thermoplastic film. Another manufacturing option offered for custom sealed products is Impulse Sealing. This sealing method lends itself to a much wider variety of materials compared to RF sealing.

Impulse sealing is a method of bonding like films where the material is gripped by a pair of sealing jaws, heated up to its melting temperature by a powerful, electrical impulse of short duration applied through one or both jaws. The material is cooled to it solid state and allowed to develop satisfactory strength while still under pressure.

Suitable materials for impulse sealing include those that have a melt index of less than 700°F. Examples include PTFE, thermoplastic films, foams, fabrics, non-wovens, laminates and heat reflecting materials. Impulse sealing is the preferred plastic joining method when the material being sealed is something other than urethane or PVC, or the product requires comprehensive validation of the sealing process.

Typical applications for impulse sealing include custom emergency escape hoods, confined space breathing bag assemblies and medical fluid and specimen collection bags.