Fabric, Film & Foam Thermoforming

Polo offers thermoforming, also known as EVA thermoforming, of flexible fabrics, film and foam to manufacture custom products that are stylish yet offer a superior level of protection for portable equipment. Custom applications include AED and other medical equipment carrying cases or EVA cases, weapons or instrument holsters, shoulder and lumbar support pad assemblies, device pouches and compartment liners and dividers or auto interiors and motorcycle luggage compartments.

Polo is one of very few contract manufacturers that have both domestic and import capabilities for custom thermoformed products. Thermoforming adds extra protection to your sensitive instruments. Because thermoformed products are semi-rigid, they help protect your products from impact, dust, sun, moisture, and other environmental factors much better than flexible sewn products. EVA thermoformed products have a smooth, contoured, wrinkle-free look.

Products can be molded into exact shapes desired for your components. Also, die cut foam or molded plastic inserts can be added for extra protection of instruments. Dedicated instrument cavities can also be formed into the product. Thermoformed products are lighter weight for easy transport and in most custom equipment cases, tooling cost is less expensive than blow molded or injection molded tooling.

Polo acquired Foarm Following Function, a company that filed the original patent for this manufacturing process. Our engineering and product development experience is unsurpassed by other thermoformed product manufacturers worldwide. Because Polo has domestic thermoforming capabilities, we are able to build and deliver prototypes faster as well as accommodate lower volume production runs compared to a broker or overseas direct manufacturer. If your product needs a superior level of protection, and a cost effective solution, let Polo custom design and manufacture a product that is right for you.

Polo continuously expands our manufacturing operations to meet customer needs. As with all of our manufacturing capabilities, Polo offers you a full service engineering and design team dedicated to your company’s specific market. Let us know how we can go to work for you!

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