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Custom Bar Code Holster Designed to Your Specifications


This holster is worn by warehouse personnel to carry a portable bar code scanner device.

Manufacturing Location:
Louisville, Mississippi
Material Specifications

The holster’s exterior material is foliage green, 600 denier polyester laminated to cross-link PE foam. The holster’s binding is black nylon and it is sold with a nylon webbing shoulder strap.

Barcode scanner holster options are increasingly used in situations where workers are required to complete multiple scans over a workday. More comfortable and practical than continuously holding the scanner, a suitable holster also allows employees to easily store the scanner between uses, as well as minimizes risk the scanner will be misplaced, or dropped.

Established Barcode Scanner Holster Manufacturer

We are a global manufacturer with the capacity to make scanner holsters designed to meet your specific requirements. Whether you service a particular industry or need a holster constructed for a particular type of scanner, we can design and deliver what you need. Polo Custom Products is able to complete every part of your holster design and manufacturing process. From initial prototypes, through on-going production and monitoring, our team has the capacity to get the job done. Some of our scanner holsters are made from 600 denier polyester bonded to cross-linked PE foam, but we can source many different types of materials depending on your needs. This holster comes complete with black nylon binding. The result is a durable, well-made product that can be rebranded to suit your needs.

Bar Code Holster at a Competitive Price

We manufacture large-volumes of holsters and other custom sewn products, enabling us to employ economies of scale. Our holsters are particularly suitable for warehouse workers, or any other employee who needs to frequently scan barcodes as part of their everyday duties. To find out more about our holsters, place an order or for further information about our other products, call us at (888) 827-2476.

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