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OEMs Specialty Cases Improve Your Business

July 31, 2017, Posted by Anna Bolan

Just because a case does not currently exist to fit your product does not mean one cannot be created. With the right custom design and engineering company, specialty cases can be made for almost anything. Specialty Case manufacturers have designers available for both front line companies, like fire and safety departments who want to protect equipment from daily wear and tear, as well as for OEMs to create a specialty case for their product. Continue reading “OEMs Specialty Cases Improve Your Business”

Are You Keeping Up With Biocides in Textiles?

July 31, 2017, Posted by Anna Bolan

Many products are treated with biocides to protect products or the function of certain products. Biocides inhibit the growth of fungi, bacteria, viruses, algae or fight and deter insects. The uses for biocides include preventing the development of odor causing bacteria in textiles, deterring moths in wool carpets, antibacterial coating for plastics products used in bathrooms and kitchens. Continue reading “Are You Keeping Up With Biocides in Textiles?”

Are You Berry Compliant?

June 16, 2017, Posted by Anna Bolan

The Berry Amendment is a piece of legislation that prohibits the Department of Defense (DoD) from using appropriated funds or anything accessible and used by the DoD in order to procure fabrics, clothing, yarns, fibers, other made-up textiles, food, measuring or hand tools that are not grown, reused, reprocessed or produced in the U.S. There are some exceptions due to the unavailability, cost or manufacturing inefficiencies of U.S. based production.
Continue reading “Are You Berry Compliant?”

Custom Sewn Bags Make Sense

June 9, 2017, Posted by Anna Bolan

Specialty industries require specialty equipment. When your department needs a specialty item, it often makes sense to have these custom made. Utility bags for EMS workers or fire departments, for example, have specific requirements in order to ensure these meet safety and functionality standards. In this case, custom sewn bags are the perfect way to go.

Continue reading “Custom Sewn Bags Make Sense”

Radio Frequency Welding Ensures the Finest, Safest Medical Equipment

May 26, 2017, Posted by Anna Bolan

In medicine it is essential to keep up with new technology and knowledge of how to relieve illnesses, and other conditions. This is true not only for practitioners, but also the medical-equipment manufacturers who provide the field with the tools essential to treating patients. Manufacturers need to ensure everything they produce is of the finest quality, and made according to the latest standards. A good medical-equipment manufacturer should utilize a cutting-edge technology called radio frequency welding.
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Reliable Impulse Sealing Manufacturer

May 19, 2017, Posted by Anna Bolan

For OEMs who work in the military, government and defense, fire and safety, medical and industrial fields, only the finest quality materials and techniques should be used to produce the equipment they need. Much of this equipment requires special machinery and procedures in order to manufacture them properly. One of the most important of these is impulse sealing.
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How to Protect Your Delicate Products

April 27, 2017, Posted by Anna Bolan

There are times when you cannot take the slightest risk, for fear of completely failing in your task. One of these times is when you need to deliver specific product requirements for products, such as a defibrillator or an isotope carrying case. Without the best protection, your sensitive product may be damaged. Investing in custom equipment cases for your product, will help ensure reliability of your product.

Your Case Is More than Protection

Custom equipment cases are more than just a protection for the individual items. They are an investment in your future, for your company, and for everyone that works within your organization.
We frequently receive requests to design custom equipment cases for specific products. It’s important the case can absorb a reasonable amount of abuse to ensure the products inside remain in good condition.

Sidestep Heavy Cases

Although you may be shown what appear to be suitable cases to move your product safely, if these cases are too heavy, there is actually more opportunity for the case to be dropped and damaged. A relatively lightweight case is always a better choice, because it can be constructed from strong materials with excellent internal padding to keep your item safe, and secure.

We have designed tactical computer cases for government agencies, and the military. These cases can safely transport a portable computer, and when US Special Forces require a lightweight, yet strong case, to move across dangerous territories they can count on our custom equipment cases. If our cases are good enough for the Special Forces, we are sure to manufacture a model that will protect your company’s important items.