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600 ML Drainage Bag Assembly for Optimum Patient Care

Apr 12, 2022
Posted by Ebony White

A urine drainage bag is a crucial piece of equipment used by nursing homes, hospitals, medical clinics, and individuals for home use. It offers a convenient container for urine that flows from individuals using catheterization. Also, it can be used to measure fluid output during monitoring and diagnostic procedures. At Polo Custom Products, we construct the 600 ml drainage bag assembly via a process that ensures quality, so you can trust the product to carry out optimal treatment and care for patients.

An Experienced Urine Drainage Bag Manufacturer

Through our cutting-edge equipment and techniques we develop the highest-quality urine drainage bags on the market. Our drainage bag assemblies are made from high-grade, durable material, and are manufactured with the highest level of skill to produce a tough, reliable drainage bag product.

Experience You Can Trust

With Polo Custom Products, you have an established manufacturer that works independently to carry out product development and engineering to create high-value medical products such as urine drainage bags.

We are Your Total Source

At Polo Custom Products, we employ various sealing methods, including impulse, RF, and ultrasonic welding. Our fluid collection and drainage bags utilize these methods, as do our CBRN escape hoods, inflatable assemblies, and oxygen bags. We are Custom Manufacturing for OEMs, whether it involves sourcing raw materials, or performing secondary operations or performing manufacturing inventory management for domestic or overseas concerns.

Urine Collection Bag Supplier with Extensive Manufacturing Capacity

Our manufacturing capacity enables us to produce large volumes of products in a confined time span, without sacrificing the quality of finished product. If you require larger quantities of urine drainage bags, including the product resulting from our 600 ml drainage bag assembly process, we have you covered.

For more information about how we can serve you urine drainage bag and other product needs, or to place an order, call us today at 888.827.2476. You can also reach us through our contact form.

Ebony White

Sales Division Manager
Ebony is our division manager for medical and industrial products. She assists customer’s with product development to cultivate new and innovative ideas. Ebony worked as a project manager in manufacturing and knows industrial sewing, heat sealing, and thermoforming. She enjoys working with her customers to share new and better manufacturing processes. Contact Ebony now for help with designing and manufacturing your products.