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Unforeseen Issues Can Slow Down Your Product Manufacturing

Apr 4, 2022
Posted by Jennifer Fennell

Global trade has never been more robust than it is right now. This is clear to see across all industries. As a manufacturer of custom sewn products and radio frequency welding, we retain a full-time expert and CPSM – Certified Professional in Supply Management. Our logistics manager does the work for you and helps ensure reliable and on-time delivery of your products. The Port of Mobile, Alabama, for example, is seeing an incredible amount of growth and our logistics manager will use this for our customers benefit. To keep up with global demand the port is working to continually increase capacity. Our logistics manager does the important work on your behalf to stay ahead of changes in shipping route, especially as port volumes increase or decrease. Why do we at Polo Custom Products, care about port growth?

We Are Helping You

It is simple: When you work with us, we ensure you have the best shipping routes planned for your product. When you order any of our custom sewn products, such as EVA cases, or custom sewn bags, you need to know your products will arrive on time. Our logistics manager constantly studies any changes taking place in shipping ports. We also relieve OEMs from the task of having to evaluate shipping needs, an oftentimes complex process that can take up a lot of valuable time. As a provider of radio frequency welding services, and many other services important to OEMs, we feel it is critical for our shipping department to know which ports are more efficient and which are making changes to handle more of the goods they move.

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With the growth of Mobile’s port, we shifted a lot of our shipping to that location to better serve you! Contact Polo Custom Products and as part of our manufacturing service our expert logistics manager helps you meet your delivery goals. 888-827-2476.

Jennifer Fennell

Director of Supply Chain Management
Jennifer has been involved in supply chain management for over 20 years. She currently sits on the IFAI Board of Directors and is accredited through the Institute of Supply Management as a Certified Purchasing Manager. Jennifer is experienced in sourcing and inventory management and enjoys helping our customers find what they need in the most cost effective manner possible.