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A Triple Play for Industrial OEMs

Aug 29, 2022
Posted by Chelsey Trevino

Industrial OEMs need a manufacturer who can pull a perfect triple play! In baseball, that means getting three outs on one play. In manufacturing, it means sewing, sealing, and thermoforming to a company’s exact standards. Of course, you could choose a basic contract sewing company to manufacture your products, but, as you know, there is far more going into a unique custom industrial product than sewing.

At Polo Custom Products, We Simplify the Process for You

Not only do we offer sewing, sealing, and thermoforming options, but we provide the following services all in one place:

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing

Our qualified and experienced people advise you on every step of the process and assure you give design approval while doing all the legwork for you. This gives you the value of a unique custom product without all the work. Polo Custom Products makes your job a little easier and allows you to continue doing what you do best.

We Take Care of the Entire Manufacturing Process

We are the perfect option for industrial OEMs because we care for the entire manufacturing process. This includes designing the product to your standards, sourcing the materials, producing the prototype and final product, and shipping. If you have drawings, Polo Custom Products will meet your exact specifications. 

Not every contract manufacturer can provide sewing, sealing, thermoforming, design, engineering, prototyping, sourcing, warehousing, and shipping. Some companies provide a few of the many services required in the manufacturing process, but not the full triple play! 

Contact Polo Custom Products Today to Get Started!

A sewing, sealing, and thermoforming manufacturer is the perfect partner for your business. Once you provide the manufacturer with your specifications, the partnership begins. This ensures the product is made to the proper safety and durability standards and matches your company’s colors and logos. 

This kind of partnership is just what you need to continue to do what you’re best at without sacrificing the quality of the final product. Leave industrial manufacturing to the experts who can pull off a perfect triple play. Contact us today to get started on your project!

Chelsey Trevino

Marketing Manager