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Breaking New Ground With A “Medical Fluid Collection Device”

Jan 15, 2022
Posted by Lyn Lemke

Breaking New Ground With A “Medical Fluid Collection Device”

As a design and manufacturing partner with global reach, Polo Custom Products has been integrally involved in the design and manufacture of the devices for leading medical OEMs. Because of Polo Custom Products’ expertise in radio frequency sealing, we were chosen to help design and manufacture a state-of-the-art Fluid Collection Device.

This product was designed for a globally known healthcare solutions company creating products to make caregiving easier and provide clinical outcomes.

Materials & Manufacturing 

This custom Fluid Collection Device was produced with unique raw materials selected by our Supply Chain experts.  Once the product is developed, we take it through a rigorous amount of testing and onto manufacturing using our radio frequency (RF) process for heat sealing. RF sealing is a film or plastic joining process using high-frequency radio waves to heat seal parts and form a melt layer, ensuring a leak free product with high strength and integrity.  After the development of the melt layer, the parts are pressed together and cooled causing fusion. This process produces high quality seals in a range of films and plastics.

Customer Outcome

The Fluid Collection Device required Polo Custom Products to develop unique trouble shooting production processes to avoid human error, which was a key benefit to the customer. We were able to meet packaging and labeling requirements as well as aggressive launch timelines. This OEM was impressed with our ability to help design, develop, and test dedicated machines to accomplish this project. This was a unique product occupying a special niche in the medical business and it can now make patient care easier.


For information about our RF sealing capabilities or how we can serve your medical manufacturing needs, call us today at 888.827.2476 or reach us through our contact form.

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