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Ultrasound Machine Carrying Case
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Easy To Move Ultrasound Machine Carrying Case

Feb 6, 2022
Posted by Ebony White

Easy To Move Ultrasound Machine Carrying Case

The internal expertise with a wide spectrum of industries available to us here at Polo Custom Products not only gives us the opportunity to work with customers across multiple sectors, but it allows for us to fulfil hyper-niche needs for those same partners. An international medical OEM needed a carrying case for a portable ultrasound machine system that could be carried not only to a patient’s bedside, but to a trauma victim in the field. Our team of expert custom product designers were able to design and manufacture an ultrasound machine carrying case that was high quality, delivered on schedule, and kept cost competitive.

Recommended by our sourcing department, this custom sewn product incorporates a nylon material with a polyurethane coating and heavy-duty zipper to ensure the case can withstand the most grueling of environments and conditions. After being tested and verified it met the quality control standards of both the OEM and Polo Custom Products, it was decided the ultrasound machine carrying case would be produced as an all-black product with stock materials to help maintain a competitive price point.

There is always an opportunity to improve on a product or a process, especially in situations affecting lives. Portable ultrasound machines have been a concept used daily in real-world situations for years, but have always been held back by equipment that was far from being easy to move. Polo Custom Products provided this custom carrying case specific to the needs of this application—built to handle battlefield conditions, designed and manufactured on schedule, and kept at a competitive price—and exceeded all the requirements for this internationally-known medical OEM.

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Ebony White

Sales Division Manager
Ebony is our division manager for medical and industrial products. She assists customer’s with product development to cultivate new and innovative ideas. Ebony worked as a project manager in manufacturing and knows industrial sewing, heat sealing, and thermoforming. She enjoys working with her customers to share new and better manufacturing processes. Contact Ebony now for help with designing and manufacturing your products.