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Chemical Protective Poncho System

Feb 14, 2022
Posted by Michelle Coleman

At Polo Custom Products, we manufacture innovative products for a range of applications utilizing our sewing, sealing, and thermoforming capabilities. Our team provides design, engineering, and manufacturing services that produce form and fabric thermoformed products for the military, fire/safety, medical, and industrial markets. The services we provide also include heating and forming materials for personal protective and ballistic applications. One of our premier products is the Chemical Protective Poncho System that delivers outstanding protection to the user.

Chemical Protective Poncho System Summary

This system protects the user against biological and chemical contamination, delivering total encapsulation of the patient who is either uncontaminated or has undergone decontamination.

Product Features

Some of the specific features of this poncho system include:

  • Bottom liner that prevents contamination from underneath
  • Attached hood consisting of see-through material, providing visibility of and for the patient
  • Material that facilitates the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide
  • Layer consisting of carbon impregnated materials that help filter chemical agents
  • Enables freedom of movement
  • Fits easily over top of patient
  • A respiratory port
  • Optional PAPR system and filter
  • Zipper w/ fly
  • Inner skirt with drawstring or elastic waistband options
  • Easy-to-open fly extending up to the window
  • Material added to prevent restriction of movement
  • Outer layer of camouflage-patterned filter fabric
  • Webbing shoulder strap
  • Side release buckle
  • Custom Industrial Sewing Contractors

A highly important component of the services we provide involves custom sewing. We deliver this service at two production and manufacturing facilities in the U.S. comprising some 60,000 square feet of space. Within this space, we produce numerous assemblies and items under the supervision of our extensive and thorough product development process.

Manufacturing Chemical Resistant Products

At Polo Custom Products, we maintain the capabilities to fashion products specially to provide protection of human life and property. Our premier Chemical Protective Poncho System is one important example of these products.

We are excited to introduce this Chemical Protection Poncho System that provides superior chemical protection to those working in and around chemical and biological agents. It is highly effective at protecting a decontaminated or uncontaminated patient against contamination.

For additional information about the Chemical Protection Poncho System we offer in addition to our custom sewing and other services capabilities, give us a call today at 888.827.2476 or drop us a message through our contact form.

Michelle Coleman

Program Manager Government and Defense
Michelle writes here to tell you about how much she enjoys working with her customers. She is an expert at bringing fire & safety and military products to market. Michelle likes to ensure products meet specifications and get to market on-time. Michelle is adept at working with engineering, operations and sales departments to ensure her customers are happy with their finished products. Contact Michelle now to get your product into the design and manufacturing process.