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The New Fire Suppression Bag – Preventing and Putting Out Small Electronics Fires

Feb 18, 2022
Posted by Michelle Coleman

Safety products consisting of flame-resistant materials are developed and manufactured to provide crucial protection when needed against various types of fire hazards. Some fire resistant material such as foams, fabrics, and plastic films are formulated to withstand highly elevated temperatures without igniting, melting, dripping, or smoldering. Polo Custom Products’ new fire suppression bag is designed to suppress fires originating from overheating mobile electronic devices. This bag is perfect for use on planes, cars, trucks, many military and first responder applications, business or home use.

Custom Sewing Technology

Our manufacturing facilities in the United States include custom sewing as one of our prime services. Within approximately 60,000 square feet of manufacturing space in these facilities, we have the ability to produce high volumes of exceptional fire protection products, including custom sewn bags that are subject to a rigorous, quality control development process.

The New Fire Suppression Bag

The fire suppression bag we produce at our facility in Louisville, MS can suppress fire hazards involving temperatures as high as 1900°F. The bag we offer comes in a standard 26” x 21” size as well as options for custom design and sizing. It consists of three Kevlar® and silica layers, Velcro® closures, Kevlar® webbing and straps, and Kevlar® thread.

This bag includes the following capabilities:

  • Effectively reduces the temperature of overheated mobile devices and smothers fire quickly
  • Usable in confined spaces such as vehicles and airplanes
  • Conveniently fits mobile electronic devices such as laptop computers, tablets, cell phones, and flight deck tablets

Our fire suppression bag is designed to effectively deter fire, abrasion, puncture, tearing, UV radiation, and melting. It also bypasses the need to use a fire extinguisher, which can leave a mess to clean up from the dispersed extinguishing agent.

Manufacturing Flame Resistant Devices

At Polo Custom Products, we are able to serve you with exceptional products that use materials specially formulated to deliver outstanding results, such as Kevlar®. Our first-in-class fire suppression bag has you covered for all of your mobile device fire protection needs. It is available with both distributor and commercial pricing.

For additional information about the new fire suppression bag we offer in addition to our custom sewing services, give us a call today at 888.827.2476 or drop us a message through our contact form.

Michelle Coleman

Program Manager Government and Defense
Michelle writes here to tell you about how much she enjoys working with her customers. She is an expert at bringing fire & safety and military products to market. Michelle likes to ensure products meet specifications and get to market on-time. Michelle is adept at working with engineering, operations and sales departments to ensure her customers are happy with their finished products. Contact Michelle now to get your product into the design and manufacturing process.