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CBRN Hood and Our Radio Frequency Sealing Capabilities

Feb 24, 2021
Posted by Michelle Coleman

At Polo Custom Products we manufacture custom-sealed products that include chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) safety hood assemblies. In doing so, we employ radio frequency sealing services. The CBRN Hood provides protection above the neck from low level threats involving CBRN exposure.

The CBRN hood is used to protect users against the various hazards of a non-direct nature, including airborne fumes, chemical vapors, biohazards, and radioactive particles. Polo Custom Products produces the hood assembly. A respiratory protection filter system is provided by another company.


The hood consists of a head and shoulder covering. One common user of this hood is an industrial welder who works in abrasive blasting conditions.

Material Specifications

This custom made CBRN hood is produced in both black and green. The inner material layer, consisting of cotton duck canvas, is sewn to an outer layer of Hypalon, a chemical-resistant synthetic rubber. We also attach the hood exterior to the customer supplied rubber face plate through a heat sealing process.

Tooling Cost

Our customer provides the respiratory equipment, we provide ventilation upgrades, cutting dies, and other testing equipment. Our managers and production department work closely with our customer to keep the development costs under control.

Challenges in Design and Manufacturing

There were various challenges encountered in our design and manufacturing process. First, the equipment was not ready for production when our production department received it. The documentation provided with the product lacked a number of operational steps vital to the process. Our division manager teamed with our customer to work through these issues and finalized a number of items prior to beginning the PPAP or Production Part Approval Process.

Our RF Welding Services

At Polo Custom Products, we specialize in all the frequently used film and fabric sealing processes, including radio frequency sealing.

Our powerful sealing capabilities are the perfect complement to our other manufacturing operations, such as hardware attachment, tube gluing, and valve sealing and tube installation.

Polo Custom Products is an ISO 9001 registered company. We perform inspection and testing of sealed products at every stage of our manufacturing process to help ensure your finished product performs to your specific requirements. Our in-house testing laboratory utilizes various testing procedures to promote quality assurance, including digital tensile strength, leak testing, and inflation and burst strength testing. The managers in our quality department also utilize other testing equipment and procedures as required.

At Polo Custom Products, we are Custom Manufacturing for OEMs for sealing. You can count on us for the design, engineering, and manufacturing services you need to create a cost-effective, quality sealed product.

For more information about our RF welding services, as well as our other sealing services, call us today at 888.827.2476 or send us a message through our contact form.

Michelle Coleman

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