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Radio Frequency Welding Services and a Unique Flat Design Wallet

Oct 26, 2021
Posted by Lyn Lemke

At Polo Custom Products, we worked closely with a leading manufacturer, to help develop a Flat Design Wallet, designed for excellent functionality. It is a strong, slim and durable wallet that is an excellent alternative to those commonly used, overloaded and bulky wallets. Our radio frequency welding services allowed us to create a fantastic durable finished product. The wallet possesses superb resistance to outside elements, while also keeping your essential items secure in a discrete profile. Here’s some more information about the RF welding that made the creation of this unique wallet possible.

Radio Frequency Welding

Also referred to as dielectric sealing and RF Sealing, radio frequency welding services constitute a manufacturing process that utilizes electromagnetic energy and pressure to weld and permanently bond vinyl, thermoplastic, and coated fabrics. The process of radio frequency RF sealing rearranges molecules to create a powerful bond between the materials being fused together. Through this seal, a one-piece permanent bond is developed that is also resistant to tearing and impenetrable to moisture and grit, making it the ideal application for when you need a product that will protect contents of a pocket from the elements. At Polo Custom Products, we are your premier source for RF welding services for custom sewn products.

The RF Welding Process

Radio frequency welding mixes up the molecules in polymeric flexible materials to be joined together for product functionality and dimensional requirements. Radio frequency welding services consist of a three-step process involving the positioning in preparation of the components, infusion of electromagnetic energy and pressure to combine the materials molecularly, and lastly the cooling of the materials.

After the welding process has cooled, the seam created possesses the same or even greater strength than the original material. Only materials consisting of a polar molecular construction can be used with the RF welding process – the most common ones are polyurethane and PVC. Other coated materials, including nylon also work with the process. Radio frequency sealing works particularly well with unsupported, stretchable film type materials, i.e. TPE and TPU. Additional materials commonly welded include PET, EVA, and PETG.

At Polo Custom Products, you can count on us to provide you with high-grade RF frequency welding for your specific product applications. For information about our film and fabric welding, forming, custom sewing, and supply chain management services, contact our team today.

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