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Cutting Down Shipping Emissions

Nov 20, 2021
Posted by Danielle Goodrich

Shipping, in an increasingly global economy, is often a hidden source of carbon emissions. Many companies focus on their carbon footprint in processing and production, but they forget about the costs involved in both bringing in raw materials and then in shipping out finished product to customers.

At Polo Custom Products, we take a big picture approach to reducing our carbon emissions and footprint. While this includes carefully evaluating our manufacturing and processing options, it also means working closely with shippers to ensure we are choosing those companies with a similar approach to carbon emission reduction.

The Shipping Industry

In April 2018, the shipping industry as a whole made a dramatic shift in the way they do business. After a meeting and a heated debate in London, the global regulator for the industry developed a deal to reduce greenhouse gas production throughout the industry by half of the current levels. This will not happen all at once, with the industry regulator setting the date of 2050 to achieve this ambitious goal.

This will be accomplished by several different means, some which have already been implemented in new ocean carriers. This includes reducing sailing speeds to consume less fuel per crossing, hull designs to improve movement of the carriers through the water as well as the use of cleaner burning fuels or the use of electric propulsion for these vessels.

Our Focus

Polo Custom Products fully supports these measures, and we continue to work closely with environmentally conscious shippers both for raw material imports and finished product shipping from our facility.

Our shippers are continually evaluated to ensure they are utilizing the best practices to do the least possible harm to the world around us. Our customers have the peace of mind of knowing all the products we manufacture from our custom sewn bags to custom EVA cases and inflatable bladders are made with the best choices for environmental protection in mind.

Danielle Goodrich

Logistics Manager
Danielle loves to help people stay informed about the manufacturing and import business, particularly those products requiring custom sewing, sealing, and thermoforming. As an import buyer, she is an expert in procurement and logistics for a finished goods import program. Danielle gets excited about working with OEMs and her company's team to assess customer needs. She knows how to secure best overall pricing through negotiation, correspondence with suppliers, freight carriers, and U.S. Customs brokers to ensure on-time deliveries. She can also help with inventory management, sourcing, reporting, and maintaining databases. Danielle does the work most people let go. She likes to help customers with pertinent records, approve supplier and freight invoices. Her customers say she maintains excellent supplier relations through regular communication.