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Custom Sewing Contractors: Setting your Expectations

Mar 1, 2022
Posted by Ebony White

When sourcing to find custom sewing contractors, it is important to define your company’s needs and expectations in the very beginning. Many custom sewing contractors exist within the market, however not all have equal product development and manufacturing capabilities. Depending on the complexity of your custom sewn product requirements, partnering with a TOTAL Source manufacturer might be the most efficient and cost-effective choice.

Expectations for TOTAL Source Industrial Sewing Contractors

OEMs seeking to partner with custom sewing contractors to manufacture complex design or specialty formulation material sewn products must consider the level of in-house product development and supply chain management capabilities the contractor employs. Heavily regulated industries such as the medical, fire and safety, industrial and Government and Defense markets rely on their supplier base to provide education and direction on the development of non-core, specialized sewn products. TOTAL Source manufacturers will manage all aspects of their client’s design, engineering and product development, raw material sourcing and supply chain management, secondary component part design and manufacturing, all aspects of the manufacturing process, quality assurance, logistics, warehousing and inventory management. Clients receive a quality inspected, fully assembled and packaged sewn product that meets their exact specifications.

Providing TOTAL Source Solutions

Polo Custom Products is a custom sewing contractor that will provide you with a TOTAL Source solution. From design to delivery, Polo manages all aspects of your custom sewn product needs saving you time and cost over the lifetime of your program. Contact us to discuss your custom sewn product needs.

Ebony White

Sales Division Manager
Ebony is our division manager for medical and industrial products. She assists customer’s with product development to cultivate new and innovative ideas. Ebony worked as a project manager in manufacturing and knows industrial sewing, heat sealing, and thermoforming. She enjoys working with her customers to share new and better manufacturing processes. Contact Ebony now for help with designing and manufacturing your products.