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Expert RF Sealing for Medical Original Equipment Manufacturers

Feb 22, 2022
Posted by Lyn Lemke

As a design and manufacturing partner with global reach, Polo Custom Products adds value for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who are leaders in their industry. For companies who need it, we offer concept creation, development, manufacturing, global sourcing, and much more.

Recently, a medical OEM used our services for product design, engineering, and manufacturing of a one-of-a-kind RF sealed drainage bag. This specific drainage bag we developed fills a unique market position no competitor can touch and is now used in hospital environments worldwide.

RF Sealed Drainage Bag

Though unique in its design and function, the materials used to develop this product were easily accessible. This meant that we were able to obtain the raw materials in a timely manner thus keeping manufacturing costs low and allowing our customer to sell the drainage bag at a competitive price on the market. Once the product is developed, we take it through a rigorous amount of testing and onto manufacturing. Our manufacturing facility is FDA approved as well as certified for ISO: 9001:2015 and ISO: 13485:2016. To ensure the highest quality, the product is pressure tested both prior to and throughout the manufacturing process. Polo Custom Products prides itself in our high-quality output. The customer was so happy with our RF Sealing processes, they said, “We’ve had so many returns using our previous RF Sealing manufacturer. Our job is a lot easier now that we have no errors on our drainage bags and Polo Custom Products continually meets our exacting specifications. We always go to them first with all our RF Sealing products.”

Overcoming Challenges

For this exclusive product, we were required to design and develop dedicated machines, which underwent thorough testing prior to the full production. Once the prototype was approved and the machines were developed, we faced an aggressive launch window. Because this fills a specific niche market, the demand was high right out of the launch cycle. While the first products were rolling off the line we finished and got approval for the new creative labeling and packaging. Our engineering and production department stepped up to meet this challenge and ensured products were launched on time.

The customer chose Polo Custom Products for our high-quality standards, top of the line engineering and design capabilities, industry leading expertise in RF sealing, followed with exceptional customer service. This new product that we developed now helps the OEMs end customers have a more comfortable hospital experience. If your company is looking for a long-term manufacturing partnership where fluid collection bags can be ideated, designed, manufactured, and tested to exact specifications, then you have found Custom Manufacturing for OEMs. Contact us today to learn how we can help your company get their medical, industrial, or fire & safety products to your customers. Provide your specifications or use our design and engineering experts. Whether your product requires RF sealing, industrial sewing, thermoforming or all three, Polo Custom Products can deliver to your customers.

Lyn Lemke

Industrial Division Manager
Lyn loves to write about Manufacturing Products to customer specifications. She has proven herself in the industry as a strong communicator, leader and overall positive presence. Lyn has a strong background in sales and management, in addition to her expertise in manufacturing. We are glad Lyn is with Polo Custom Products applying her skills to help our customers to more success.