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Industrial Sewing for Defibrillator Cases

Jun 1, 2022
Posted by Ebony White

Industrial Sewing for Defibrillator Cases

We custom manufacture and design equipment cases for medical OEMs. Our designers frequently use industrial sewing and thermoforming to custom design cases that protect medical equipment, such as defibrillators. From cases to covers, we have custom designed for a range of medical devices and needs.

Some medical equipment is designed to handle rough usage and working conditions, especially for those working outside an organized and sterile hospital room. OEMs who provide a protective case with their equipment find it helps save on product returns and repairs. In addition, the extra protection goes a long way to ensure the tool works correctly in the medical facility or in the field. We recently designed and manufactured a unique defibrillator case for a world renown medical OEM. The case not only needed to protect the equipment but needed to allow the readout to clearly appear without removing the defibrillator from the case. We designed it so the bib-like cover fit perfectly over the digital display of the defibrillator, ensuring the display is visible and protected from residue, dirt, and other debris found in an emergency medical environment.

Sewn in our Monticello, Iowa plant, the clear plastic display protector is made with a .016 super clear vinyl, black snaps, nylon webbing, and polyester tape. Our creative product development team designed the protector with minimal materials for ease of manufacture and lower cost. Though the product design was simple it went through rigorous testing and as a result changes were made to achieve optimum Design for Manufacture. It was initially planned to be manufactured in one of our overseas locations. An advantage to working with Polo Custom Products is we have a choice of overseas or American based design and manufacturing. Our design team recommended moving production to the U.S. to work closer with the client. In doing so, it allowed for closer collaboration between our team and the OEM and provided the opportunity to complete the design quicker and create the perfect fit. Despite the elegant design, our testing team went to work to ensure a quality product would be shipped. Testing consisted of visual quality control inspections, shop aids for fit verification, testing against the original approved sample, and confirmation of meeting other testing requirements. Once completed, the clear plastic display protector was fitted to the defibrillators to help extend their life and ensure proper functionality—making for a happy distribution, sales, and end-user channels.

We are committed to making sure your medical equipment is protected and ready for all conditions. For information about our industrial sewing and thermoforming capabilities, call us at 888.827.2476 or reach us through our contact form.

Ebony White

Sales Division Manager
Ebony is our division manager for medical and industrial products. She assists customer’s with product development to cultivate new and innovative ideas. Ebony worked as a project manager in manufacturing and knows industrial sewing, heat sealing, and thermoforming. She enjoys working with her customers to share new and better manufacturing processes. Contact Ebony now for help with designing and manufacturing your products.