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Everything You Need To Know About RF Sealing

Jun 10, 2022
Posted by Lyn Lemke

Everything You Need To Know About RF Sealing

RF Sealing, often put in the category of Heat Sealing, is used to create a leak proof seam for medical and other products. When manufacturing products for medical OEMs, it’s crucial to ensure how well the tools perform their functions. Drainage bags and laparoscopy bags could cause serious issues if they have an improper seal—allowing fluids or air to leak out while in use would create health risks for both the patient and the caretaker. Projects like this require much more than just a simple seal. Radio-frequency sealing (RF Sealing), also known as high-frequency welding or dielectric welding, provides Polo Custom Products the ability to manufacture leak-free and high strength film and plastic products  built to perform the way you need them to.

To create a seal, high-frequency radio waves heat up various thermoplastic or film components (such as vinyl or urethane)  to create a melt layer. Once the melt layer is created, the individual parts are pressed together and cooled, causing the product to fuse together and create high quality joints. Simple joints are best suited for RF sealing, as thick or overly complex joints may not heat or fuse properly to create a seal.

On top of creating a seal with great integrity, this sealing process is both easy to automate and scale. Cycle times are incredibly fast, and correct seals are repeatable with good welds throughout. These attributes all lead to RF sealing being both a preferred and commonly used manufacturing method for creating medical items, such as fluid collection bags, DVT sleeves, blood pressure cuffs, and more.

When it comes to medical equipment, it’s hard to ignore the importance of the overall build quality. When the health of a patient is at stake, every tool needs to be reliable. RF sealing provides an opportunity to close out any potential issues for parts both large and small.

We are committed to making your job easier. For information about our custom radio-frequency sealing capabilities, call us at 888.827.2476 or reach us through our contact form.

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