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State-of-the-Art Automated Pulse System and Bladder

Jun 17, 2022
Posted by Lyn Lemke

Automatic cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) systems are used to help sudden cardiac arrest victims. These systems are portable and easy to use. Polo Custom Products has been integrally involved in the design and manufacture of the devices for leading medical OEMs. Because of Polo Custom Products’ expertise in radio frequency sealing we were chosen to help design and manufacture a state-of-the-art pulse system.

The system is battery operated and easy to use. This system compresses the patient’s entire chest to enhance blood flow to the brain and heart. This device exceeds the capabilities of other like devices, as it automatically fits to the size of the patient and has demonstrated better patient outcomes in some clinical trials. At Polo Custom Products, we played a key role in the success of this device through our involvement with the band bladder portion of the system.

Multiple studies that compare manual CPR to automated systems convincingly show its many patient benefits. When evaluated against all the important criteria for resuscitation success, the system performs better than piston driven mechanical CPR equipment.

Designed for Easier Patient Transport and Movement

When the stabilizing board of the system is positioned on a soft stretcher rescuer can maintain high quality CPR through various difficult transport situations, such as around sharp corners, down steep stairwells, and in cramped elevator spaces. When compared with manual CPR, the device has been proven to reduce compression interruptions during transport by over 85 percent. It is truly a device created for resuscitation on the move.

The Challenge for Polo Custom Products

As it concerns the bladder, the manufacturer previously produced the product in China and desired to bring production to the United States. A particular challenge was how to remain cost competitive in achieving this goal. A U.S. source supplies the foam but a Chinese company supplies the coated nylon. Polo Custom Products sourcing department was able to locate other cost competitive materials. And, the professionals in Polo Custom Products product development department also recommended an enhancement to release air from the bladder through the spout after which it is sealed off. Prior to this enhancement it was difficult to evacuate the air from the bladder.

As an integral component of the entire system, the bladder disseminates the pressure over the patient’s chest during a cardiac arrest event. It enables the medic to administer care to the patient while automated CPR is continually provided.

Customized Compressions for the Patient

The system provides compressions to allow customization based on the needs of each patient. The device is engineered to take into account variations between patients. It automatically calculates the shape, size, and resistance of the chest in order to attain an anterior-posterior displacement of 20 percent.

Polo Custom Products can also manufacture your inflatable air bladders. Inflatable air bladders can be custom manufactured for high-pressure air lifting operations, providing comfortable seating, buoyancy devices, or compression sleeves, cuffs and boots used in medical and/or sports therapy applications.

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