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Innovation in Product Development

Jan 24, 2024
Posted by Chelsey Trevino

In this episode of Inspiring Innovation, Sean Frost talks with Carla DeShaw, a leading figure in
product development and innovation. They delve into product development strategies for
product engineers and technology advancements in manufacturing. Carla shares insights
regarding various manufacturing processes including RF sealing, Impulse sealing, ultrasonic
sealing, and thermoforming, along with the importance of material selection. They also discuss
the importance of quality control and how they maintain it through various phases of
production. Furthermore, Carla expresses her excitement for the potential of ultrasonic sewing
machines, which promise greater efficiency and speed in the future.

00:29 Introduction and Welcome
00:31 Introducing the Guest: Carla DeShaw
01:43 Carla DeShaw’s Expertise and Role at Polo Custom Products
02:22 Deep Dive into Radio Frequency Sealing
04:01 Impact of RF Sealing in Real-Life Scenarios
06:36 Materials Suitable for RF Sealing
07:40 Exploring Impulse Sealing and Hot Air Welders
11:02 Understanding Ultrasonic Sealing
12:32 The Art of Sewing Lightweight Materials
22:16 The Role of Thermoforming in Product Development
27:56 Adding Logos to Products
30:28 The Precision of Laser Cutting
31:44 Quality Control in Manufacturing
37:48 Staying Updated with Latest Technologies in Manufacturing

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Chelsey Trevino

Marketing Manager