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The Oxygen Cylinder Bag from Polo Custom Products

Dec 29, 2021
Posted by Michelle Coleman

At Polo Custom Products, we help manufacturing and marketing leaders with the development of vital products that protect, preserve, and improve the quality of life for end users. We have been producing OEM products since 1947, and our innovative work includes the development of a portable carrying device for small oxygen cylinders used mostly in emergency situations. It is also useful in non-emergency situations for mobile patients.

A number of different industries make use of specialized devices and equipment to implement their operations in an efficient and safe manner. An example includes certain types of utility bags used by firefighters and EMS personnel. These bags must be manufactured according to stringent requirements.

Oxygen Cylinder Bag Product Description

Firefighters and other emergency personnel are able to use the oxygen cylinder bag we manufacture to carry oxygen cylinders to patients in various emergency scenarios. The bag is easily carried on the user’s shoulder, in a larger carrying case on the hip, or on a wheelchair or gurney.


This oxygen cylinder bag is manufactured with several high quality materials and components, including:

  • Kevlar webbing reinforces the bag, preventing it from tearing under the most extreme scenarios.
  • Black Ripstop nylon prevents the cylinder bag from ripping under the most detrimental conditions.
  • Kevlar thread prevents seams from tearing when the bag is needed the most.
  • Bungee cord with a cord lock is included allowing the top to be pulled open and shut quickly.

By partnering with Polo Custom Products, you can be certain your products are developed with some of the latest tools, methods, and technology in addition to the highest degree of engineering, construction, and testing services.

To learn how the oxygen cylinder bag we offer in addition to the custom sewing service capabilities we provide can serve your product requirements, call us today at 888.827.2476 or fill out our contact form.

Michelle Coleman

Program Manager Government and Defense
Michelle writes here to tell you about how much she enjoys working with her customers. She is an expert at bringing fire & safety and military products to market. Michelle likes to ensure products meet specifications and get to market on-time. Michelle is adept at working with engineering, operations and sales departments to ensure her customers are happy with their finished products. Contact Michelle now to get your product into the design and manufacturing process.